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Sherri Dorfman, CEO, Stepping Stone Partners

Connected & Digital Health Innovation Specialist

My blog is designed to spotlight healthcare organizations with innovative uses of technology & data to drive Care Coordination, Collaboration & Patient Engagement.

These new approaches may influence your product & service roadmap, partnership and marketing strategies.

My Expertise: 

Over 18 years ago, I moved my focus from consumer-centric technologies in other industries (i.e. financial services, retail) to healthcare technology.  

While consulting, I leverage my extensive experience, knowledge and professional network to help companies make the right strategic product and marketing decisions. Services include: 

> Strategic Planning Market Review: Competitive Assessments, Partnership Evaluations. Workshop facilitation. Insight drives product, partnership and marketing strategies 

> Product Roadmap Planning: Product conceptualization, definition and validation through Marketing Research. Work Sessions for product suite planning with solutions from mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and purchases

> Strategic Product Marketing: Differentiated value proposition story incorporated into marketing & sales assets

Find out how I can help you. Call me at 508-655-6585. Email me at SDorfman@Stepping-Stone.net to set up an exploratory discussion. 

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    Leading Consumers to Better Health: Engagement Series Overview

    Overwhelmed. Anxious. Confused. Concerned. Conflicted.

    And now you are asking me to sign up to attend your online weight loss seminar? Join your online cancer support group? Become a Facebook fan? Follow you on Twitter? Listen to your new podcast on staying healthy? Watch your latest video on risk factors for diabetes? Read your enewsletter loaded with tips for managing my cholesterol? You wonder why I am ignoring you if you are only trying to help me.

    How about sending me information about the health issue that is my highest priority? And giving me tools to help me make decisions about which treatment to choose? 

    Engagement looks very different when viewed through the eyes of the consumer. It is essential for healthcare organizations to gain the consumer’s perspective about ways to engage them before investing their limited resources (money & people) in portals, social media and mobile initiatives.

    Although your company can benefit from reading the latest industry research to understand trends and participation in these emerging technologies, your set of customers are very different than the general populations surveyed. Your customers have a unique demographic, set of health needs and technology comfort.  You must understand their evolving needs before determining the steps to engage them.

    In this series, I will lead you down different paths to see how innovative organizations are engaging their target consumers in their health.

    Discovering New Paths for Engagement...

    Innovation is occurring all around us. Companies are actively exploring new ways to engage the consumers. They are "testing" eHealth solutions targeted to different audiences and are learning what is required to get consumers to participate in their own health. These companies are borrowing approaches from various industries as they "package" and deliver needed capabilities to consumers through the appropriate channels. With effective online tools and personalized information, companies are influencing the consumer's "decisions of daily living" and impacting their behavior to achieve better health.

    Over the past ten years in the health technology industry, I have built a network of colleagues who are also passionate about the consumer. Through this blog, I will be tapping into my network to bring new perspectives into the changes that are driving our market. And during my ongoing discovery into innovative offerings, I will "connect the dots" and synthesize the value of these products for the consumer as well as share new and thought provoking ideas to get you thinking about what is to come. I invite you to come along for the journey...


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